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       Founded in 1984 in Tainan,Taiwan, Mount-Channel manufactures friction disks and brake lining.With over twenty years experience in manufacturing, Mount-Channel is capable of producing clutches for almost every type of motorcycle. With an output of over 30 million, ranking as the top in Taiwan, Mount-Channel is now the largest export clutch manufacturing company. In order to promote environmental protection, Mount-Channel continues reformulating product materials. In recent years, the organic fiber materials innovated by Mount-Channel have obtained SGS international certification and have replaced traditional asbestos materials. The purpose of this innovation is to pursue the goal of environmental protection and the higher quality. In 1994, Mount-Channel successfully innovated clutch assembly based on ten years of experiences in manufacturing friction disks and parts. In the same year, it developed the first clutch assembly in China for Jialing Group and secured Mount-Channel’s position in the motorcycle parts industry.

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  1. [2012/12/17]CNC lathe worker
  2. [2012/12/18]Die-casting workers
  3. [2012/12/18]fitter
  4. [2012/12/17]Sales manager in Russia
  5. [2012/12/18]Recruiting the general labor 50


  1. Clutch used in other models
  2. The CVT clutch used in  Skidoos
  3. CVT clutch used in motorboats
  4. CG series clutch used in motor tricycle